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Don’t let everyday wear-and-tear detract from your custom interior’s beauty and functionality. From leather restoration to veneer repairs, scratch repair to seat maintenance and clear coating finish, our skilled craftsmen and technicians will keep your interior looking beautiful.


  • We perform our work with the Pilot’s objectives in mind; to achieve comfort and maximum lumbar support from a combination of densities and shapes, unique to our experience.


  • We provide full cabinetry refurbishment.


  • Our clear coats are second to none. We also strip, repair and custom stain the existing cabinetry components when budget is a concern.

  • Our staff are trained and available to remove your aircraft interior components and transport to our facility to perform repairs.


  • After final inspection our findings will be reported in writing to our customer or designated personnel to determine the approved course of action.

Quality of materials and workmanship is never compromised resulting in complete satisfaction of your expectations.

Analar Custom Completions supports our clients with a mobile unit team that includes the following capabilities:

  • manufacture custom carpet parts and provide installation

  • on-site seat design

  • perform interior repairs such as scratches, wood polishing, seat mechanism repair, door and drawer latch and hinge adjustment

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