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A recognized name in the Aviation Industry with 35 years of Interior Manufacturing Repair Experience

The Analar Custom Completions team has been servicing the aerospace industry for over 35 years. ACC was founded by Mike Renz and Freddy Santiago with the mission to provide the industry with the highest  and most experience manufacturing, repairing and maintenance of interior components. We have been providing high quality work in the interior field for over 35 years for aviation companies.

Pioneers in learning and establishing unique procedures and tools, listed into Standard Practice Manual approved by FAA.


We have a team of proficient A&P mechanics, technicians, master craftsmen, repair men, and support by our graphic design and aviation structural engineering department (DER).

Practices and Procedures

Our production is completed using the highest standards and practices. Material are chosen to meet or overexcite FAR standards for aviation use. All of ACC's manufacturing is conducted  by using incoming inspection of the components to be repaired, inspection during job progression, and a final inspection to guarantee top quality in our workmanship.

Facilities In 2 Locations


41 Airpark Road

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